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Your Principal grows because of interest earned and get a higher return. it’s a snowball effect. The longer you invest, the more you get benefit of compounding interest. Therefore, it is important to start saving and investing early.
Any investment involves risk. you can’t avoid it. But you can manage your risk exposure with the right strategy and reduce the chances of major losses. The simplest and best way is to diversify your investment and diversify the risk. An effective way is to diversify your investment is to different asset classes, such as stock, bonds deposits, real estate etc.
To fulfill your dreams, you take a loan. But then the option of loan reinvestment works in your favor when you take a loan to earn more return by available investment opportunities in the open market.
You have created a budget cut expenses, eliminated your credit debt and have started saving for retirement, so you are all set, right? While you have definitely come a long way, there is one more important aspect of your finances that you need to consider, insurance. Adequately insured it could leave you in financial ruin. You need insurance to protect your life, your ability to earn income, and to protect your health and to keep a roof over your head.
Passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it. It is simply money working for money with the little effort but strategic investment planning.

The exercise carried out by the tax payer to meet his tax obligations in proper, systematic and orderly manner availing all permissible exemptions, deductions and reliefs available under the act as may be applicable to his case.

Create a corpus that you don’t need to actively work to earn money. And where the interest on the investment work for you as input in your investment. So you can continue your investments wihout shelling out from your pocket. Your existing corpus’s interest is replacing active inputs.
A budget is a financial plan foe tracking the flow of money. A simple budget can expose where you’re leaking money. Plug those drips, and find ways to save more money. A budget can also highlight the spending habits you’re not aware of and help you better plan for future spending.
Having the ability to retire comfortably and free from financial pressures remains the main issue for business owners and employees. It is critical that the retirement plan be properly designed, implemented, communicated and administered.
It is done to secure your child’s future by arranging fund for his or her higher education and marriage. It should be stared as soon as your child is born. The expenses for education and marriage and raising everyday and we need a defined strategy to achieve these goals.

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